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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Book festivals are designed to introduce readers to authors, wether they are famous bestselling authors or local unknown authors. Most events are held over a one day period, while some are two days long. This short window of opportunity for an author to find new readers and for many small indie or unknown authors, it can also be very costly.

For the book festival organizers, the job not only encompasses getting well-qualified authors to attend but to get the readers to attend and spend money. This becomes an increased expense for the festival organizers to market and promotes all aspects of the event. Sadly, in many cases, the festival barely makes enough money to cover its expenses, and as seen over the past year, many are closing down due to the high cost of the event and lack of financial return.


Mission Statement

The creators of Book Festival Network (BFN) fully understand the Delima facing both the author and the festival organizers as they themselves are both an author and a festival organizer. From seeing and knowing first hand both sides of the issue, they have created a new way to incorporate the Festival into the electronic age in basic terms and allowing for additional growth to occur, both financially and in attendance.


Festivals in the Electronic Age

Few book festivals display much information about the overall event beyond the initial promotion of the event, and even then, keep their websites to a limit with author information and other valuable tools. BFN goes the extra step of promoting the event with its own subdomain for the festival on their system but also giving the authors additional pages to use for promotion of themselves and their books. These additional pages then increase the book festivals net worth and search engine value.

BFN then takes the event one step further by NetCasting the event live as it happens. With interviews of the Authors and those participating in the event. Then, they edit the video so each participating author has a video for their BFN web page which then furthers promote who they are and the books they have written.


Continued Income Growth

Finally, as the website is up and running long after the event, the organizers are then given the opportunity to use the registered guest’s information for promotion of attending authors books with coupons, newsletters, or other forms of interactive connectivity that keep their event alive beyond the single event date.

This turns their event into an opportunity to promote their sponsors, which then allows for continued income and growth by showing the value of sponsorship of their event. The authors also benefit from the additional exposure, which then reinforces the belief of value of spending the money to attend the festival.

BFN has created greater opportunity for promotion and increased income for all parties involved, which leads to greater success and production for future events.


To learn more listen to Dear Texas Radio interview with B Alan Bourgeois, the creator of the Book Festival Network by clicking here.

Our Mission

To work closely with Authors and Book Festivals to create a balance that enhances the experience for both parties.

Our Values

The BFN team is committed to creating a new and exciting program full of opportunities that bring authors and readers together.

Our Solution

Through the use of time tested events, merging new and creative technologies, we can increase an author’s outreach resulting in additional sales that benefit Authors, Book Festivals and the Readers.